Friday, April 8, 2016

More Azteca Theater as photographic model

Here is another image that caught the lens of a photographer. This time, Luis  Sinco collection of outtakes from his photo shoots.

The exterior of the Azteca Theater in the historic Chinatown district of downtown Fresno.
The Los Angeles Times called it the "defunct" Azteca Theater, which was not really accurate.  At this time the lobby of Azteca Theater was home to the iPacific Gallery  while preparations were being made to open the main auditorium.

In this view of the ticket booth has several interesting features.  I replaced the ticket booth glass with plexiglass and made a communication opening with the grill form a computer fan.  The American flag covers an ugly grill that made the door window secure.  The closed sign indicates the gallery was closed. It was open weekends and on Art Hops.  The original round windows in the theater doors were enhanced with auspicious Chinese symbols etched into the glass. 

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

"Outtakes | Luis Sinco
A photographer may take dozens of shots for an assignment, and they’re usually edited down to just a few images for use in the newspaper and online. Details and moments significant to the photographer often don’t make the cut. Outtakes presents a selection of those images."
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Friday, December 4, 2015

Council names Azteca Theater an Historic Property

The Fresno City Council passed a  resolution Thursday, December 3, 2015 designating the Azteca Theater a Heritage Property to be placed on the Local Register of Historic Resources. 
First stop on the Biking Through History event, October, 2015
This culminates several months of process that started with the Historic Preservation Commission for the Azteca Theater, as well as six other Fresno properties designated by the council.

Other properties designated were the Dudley and Elsie Bates Home 718 E. Carmen Ave, the Judy Tobacco Building 155 Van Ness Ave., the Squirt Bottling Company Building 152 M Street, the Alice and John Williams Home 1525 N. Wishon Ave., United Grocers Inc. Wholesale Grocery Building 414 P Street, and the White Truck Company/Electric Motor Shop at 253 Fulton Street.

These properties will be added to the existing Fresno Register of Historic Resources

The report to the Historic Preservation Commission:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cesar Chavez, the Delano-to-Sacramento marchers at the Azteca Theater

A major rallying point for the Delano-to-Sacramento march was Fresno and the Azteca Theater. With Eight days and 100 miles behind them, the marchers from Delano made it to Fresno.
Delano-to-Sacramento marchers. Photo Jon Lewis, March 1966
For six months they had discussed the Plan of Delano and fought to gain collective bargaining rights.
Cesar Chavez spoke to over 1,000 people at the Azteca Theater March 24, 1966.
A small ad in the The Fresno Bee March 23, 1966  invited people to come to see Chavez speak.
Fresno Bee, March 23, 1966

Over 1,000 people showed up to listen and show support, at the rally with Cesar Chavez at the Azteca Theater, many spilling out on to F Street. The headline in the Bee highlights a meeting of Mayor Hyde with marchers. 
Fresno Bee, March 25, 1966

Fresno Bee, March 14, 1966
A photo taken March 24 on F street shows the crowd at the Azteca Theater.
Photo from "The Movement" taken outside the Azteca Theater March 24, 1966