Friday, August 20, 2010

Patrick Contreras: Fiery Bow that Rocks!

Patrick Contreras plays Purple Haze on the roof of  Irene's Cafe in the Tower District
Patrick Contreras Band

A few years back Patrick was down here performing in Chinatown just down the street at the Full Circle Brewery. The audiences were small, but the venue was friendly and it is hard to find places that really support live music and the people who make it. Patrick has the talent. And he has gathered a large following.  This past week (August 21, 2010) Patrick was at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. They made the top 5 of the Hard Rock's  national talent search! The big event was Sept. 4, 2010. They did well and will be back!

Way to go Patrick and the band!

Here Patrick plays a mean roof-rocking version of  "Purple Haze." Video from  the roof of Irene's Cafe with the Tower Theater in the background. It is from "the guys who like to eat." 

Looks like a new series "Fresno City Limits," could be born :) It was on the occasion of Patrick's CD Release Block Party in Fresno's Tower District. This guy's going viral!

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