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La Momia Azteca: Mummy Movies for Halloween!

The Azteca Mummy Popoca!
By David Owens

For fans of classic horror movies, the "La Momia Azteca" series deliver that good old, "I-want-to-be-scared-bu-its-just-so-goofy!" Halloween fun.

La Momia Azteca
The Mexican cinema of the 1950s discovered monsters, mad scientists, space ships, robots and shapely space-women. Masked, “lucha libre” wrestlers became the heroes of working class entertainment.
Multiple cult heroes were often thrown together in a campy romp as funny as it was titillating.

And none more exciting than the Azteca Mummy trilogy!
All released in 1957-8! How could Director Rafael Portillo create all this excitement in just over a year? You have to watch to believe it!

The Azteca Mummy
The original!

The Azteca Mummy! or Attack of the Azteca Mummy 
Director; Rafael Portillo
México, 1957

Dr. Almada attempts to prove his theory that people can be regressed to past lives by hypnotizing his lover Flor. Only to find out that in a previous life Flor was the Aztec maiden Xochitl, who was killed and entombed for having an affair with the warrior Popoca!
Her lover Popoca was mummified -- but cursed to remain alive-- and guard the treasure.

With her newly understood memories, Flor is able to lead Almada, his wimpish assistant Pincate, and her father to the now-skeletal remains of the maiden.

But, oh no! To their horror, the party is intercepted by the mummified warrior, Popoca, and flee with the breastplate back to Mexico city. Popoca follows.

Meanwhile, the unscrupulous Professor  Krupp  recruits a gang of thugs, whom he leads from behind a mask and known only as "The Bat". Both Krupp and his gang, and the mummy, converge on Flor's house to retrieve the sacred breastplate, which is in her possession...

Video of the Azteca Mummy - La Momia Azteca. Click through to YouTube to see more scenes!

Dr. Krupp -- The Bat

2nd in the series!
Curse of the Azteca Mummy
The Curse of the Azteca Mummy!
Director; Rafael Portillo
Mexico, 1957 

The evil Dr. Krupp, once again tries to get possession of the Aztec princess Xochitl's jewels, and  hypnotizes her current reincarnation, Flor, to get her to reveal the jewels' location - Xochitl's tomb!
Confusion reigns as Krupp and his thugs are opposed by Flor's lover, Dr. Almada, his assistant, and wrestling superhero, El Angel. Krupp finally meets his match, however, when he comes up against Popoca, the warrior mummy who guards Xochitl's tomb

The Robot Humano!

3rd in the La Momia Azteca Trilogy!
Azteca Mummy and Human Robot!
La Momia Azteca Contra el Roboto Humano
¡The Aztec Mummy vs. The Human Robot!
Mexico, 1958  USA, 1959

Invaders from Mars meet the Aztecan Mummy for sure-fire encounters.
Producer: Guillermo Calderón
Director: Rafael Portillo
Cast: Ramón Gay, Rosa Arenas, Ángel di Stefani, Crox Alvarado, Luis Aceves Castañeda

Flor is really an Azteca Princess!
Sinister Dr. Krupp desires the ancient treasure guarded for centuries by the dreaded Aztec mummy Popoca.  Dr. Almada, a modern Mexican scientist, tells his incredulous colleagues about Dr. Krupp’s earlier attempts to hypnotize Almada’s beautiful fiancée Flor into stealing the treasure.  The final confrontation in a cemetery between the mummy and Krupp’s metallic robot Can Krupp’s tin monstrosity finally rob Mexico of its ancient treasure, or will Popoca vanquish the evil invader?

There are quite a variety of English and Spanish DVDs and posters still on the market.

Don't be cursed! Watch and learn the secrets of survival!!

See Rosa Arenas in another life!

The Bat will be waiting for you!

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