Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost Zombies Movie Social Network

Making a Zombie movie the social way ...

By David Owens

Lost Zombies is a zombie theme social network whose goal is to create a community generated zombie movie. Zombies working together for the common ungood!

Though the Zombies were evicted at the Azteca Theater they have been heard about town!

Members of Lost Zombies, have their own profile page, can submit photos and videos, as well as take part in chat discussions, and submit content to be used in the movie. Ooooh!

What kind of zombies do you believe in?

Call the Lost Zombies hotline!

Help write and photograph the movie ...
Everyone calls me Johnny so I will just go by that. I am an 18 year old kid from rural Michigan who just recently moved to Ireland. Unfortunately, after living in Dublin for 2 weeks all hell breaks loose. Mr. McCormic, a former IRA member, made teings interesting. Plus his small arsenal of shotguns, rifles, pistols, and pipe bombs means we can hold the inn for quite some time.
Right now there are seven of us in the inn.
There is myself, Mr.McKormik, His grandson Isaac who is 6'4 and full of muscle, Ms. Delaney, she is a year older than me but isn't handling this whole situation very well.

And, well, if we don't do something soon we'll perish.
They are out there... Moaning, foraging and looking for fresher meat...

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