Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitka and the Rogue World Ensemble in concert

Bringing worldly music to us -  Kitka and the Rogue World Ensemble

By David Owens

One of the joys of traveling is the chance to hear music of all flavors from distant places. If it wasn't so expensive I'd travel all the time! I do have the good fortune to spend quite a bit of time in Russia and be exposed to all kinds of folk and regional music. Sometimes impromptu concerts as in  the strains of voices rising from the subway from grandmothers singing songs from their childhood.

Or organized as on the "Day of Russian Birch Tree" to hear some traditional music from visiting folks from small villages.  And the music is often accompanied with some moves or folk dances.  The vocal tradition is rich in Russia and extends in influence all the way from Europe to China. Even the Orthodox Church only allows voices, no instruments to interrupt the voice of true faith. A concert in St. Issac's Cathedral is not to be forgotten.  And Russian folk music is just the beginning.

Fortunately, a few groups in the USA have traveled for us and brought a large selection of exotic from traditional and folk traditions from Eastern Europe for our enjoyment.
It is an ancient music that hearkens back to the earliest musical experiences that traveled our of Africa to Siberia and the whole of Europe and Asia.

It is an innate music very mother knows and is passed on for generations.  I can't help but feeling very spiritual when listening to this music and feel a few waves of goosebumps as the emotion of expression makes itself known.

There is a special opportunity to hear two wonderful groups, Kitka, of international reputation and a fledgling group rapidly rising in stature, the Rogue World Ensemble. And even a voice workshop the next day to continue the experience.

Getting to this concert is a lot easier than traveling to Eastern Europe and wandering for days with ears wide open. They are bringing this spirit right to us!

 More music videos  from Kitka

“Kitka’s music: Beautiful, primal women's songs steeped in ancient traditions and inspiration that ring fresh like Spring air after a long Winter.” - David Owens

Kitka vocal arts ensemble

Kitka and their beautiful Eastern European vocal music 

In their words, "Kitka is an American women's vocal arts ensemble inspired by traditional songs and vocal techniques from Eastern Europe. Dedicated to developing new audiences for music rooted in Balkan, Slavic, and Caucasian women's vocal traditions, Kitka also strives to expand the boundaries of folk song as a living and evolving expressive art form. "

Kitka's activities include an Oakland-based series of concerts and vocal workshops; regional, national, and international touring; programs in the schools; recording, publication, and broadcast projects; master artist residencies.

Kitka: Cradle Songs
Kitka has released eleven critically acclaimed recordings, nine on its own Diaphonica label.
Cradle Songs has been named "One of the Top Ten CDs of 2009" by NPR, and one of the "Most Memorable Internationally-Flavored CDs of 2009" by the Los Angeles Times. 

The  World of Eastern European Lullabies 
Kitka’s Cradle Songs
The mother, the cradle, the voice, and the universe. Melodies born on dry slopes and in deep boreal forests to the joys and sorrows of families from villages in the Russian Far North to Armenia and Greece. 

Rogue World Ensemble

Rogue World Ensemble

A fairly new group in the Rogue Valley, the Rogue World Ensemble is gaining a lot of fans as their  repertoire grows.  They have an infectious good spirit and a strong vocal harmony that would make them a great concert all by themselves.  

Rusalka - Rogue World Ensemble

Rogue World Ensemble celebrates the folk singing traditions of cultures from throughout the globe. The unique vocal qualities and intricate harmonies of the world’s many diverse cultures conveys the complexity of the human heart as uniquely expressed through music. 

"We believe that music is a universal language that transcends borders. Sharing the folk singing traditions of our world brings forth the potential for transformation, connection, and peace."

Rusalka is a women's vocal quartet related to the rogue World Ensemble  that celebrates the musical traditions of Eastern Europe, Israel, Russia and its neighbors.

To have Kitka and the Rogue World Ensemble together is a real treat!

Kitka and Rogue World Ensemble

In Concert April 8, 2011 in Ashland, OR

Friday, April 8, 20118pm
Tickets: $20/advance, $22/door, $10/teens 12-17,
children under 12 are free with paying adult.
Unitarian Fellowship, 4th and C Streets, Ashland



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