Monday, September 5, 2011

Lively scene at the Azteca Theater

Azteca Theater, 1:30 a.m., September, 2011
By David Owens

Every weekend finds an atmosphere of festivity at the Azteca Theater.  Friday and Saturday nights remind one of the vibrant life at the Azteca in the 1950's.  The whole country was exuberant, fresh from the ending of WWII, and exploding with activity.  Chinatown was buzzing 24-hours a day.
Now, from sundown until 2 a.m., that atmosphere continues for a  few festive weekend nights.

Next door the La Fiesta draws a crowd with live Spanish-language music and cold beers.    Under new management for about a year, there is a different atmosphere around the club. Out on the street are a mixture of people out for the night.

Fresh hot tacos! They keep the crowd gathered and satiated. Two women are busy serving up taco plates to order. People gather, talking, eating, waiting for friends. Some a waiting in hopes to meet there friends, some are hoping to make new friends. Taxis constantly come  and go, dropping fresh patrons, picking up a few spent ones. By car, bicycle and on foot, it is a fluid mix of people out on the town.

Along with the animated crowds, festive sounds fill the air. Sub-sonic bass lines from the live band at La Fiesta  underscore the K-Jewel Radio Classics from the Azteca ticket booth followed by a quadrasonic   Latin beat when you reach over for your taco and hear the Spanish music from the taco trailer.

It's been a long time since Chinatown had this much buzz in the air. Walk a block and see the crowd outside Chris's Meats serving up famous burritos, or the other direction to the Full Circle Brewery. A better vibe in Chinatown. Finally!

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