Friday, December 7, 2012

Jungle exploitations, so bad they were almost good ... almost

Jungle exploitations, so bad they were almost good ... almost!  Sixties B films still make it to bad movie events more as comedy than to admire.

 This one caught my eye because the title said "Samoa, Fille Sauvage" and as a former resident of Samoa I had to check it out. 

The film was made in Italian in 1968 by Italian diredtor Guido Malatesta  and released the same year in French. It never made it to an English release according to research on the IMDB. -->
Of course, it turns out to have tigers, Jon boats, and Indonesian natives, none of which are found in Samoa. 

 However, the waterfalls are beautiful, and the unlikely jungle princess is Edwige Fenech looking a bit pale for someone who has lived in the sun all her life.  

Some critics refer to this genre as "Jungle Slut" films. Aside from skimpy outfits, I am not sure this is an accurate name.  White explorers tramp around a tropical environment plagued by tigers, restless natives and quicksand.  The waterfalls are pretty and "Samoa" Edwige Fenech was attractive in this early role.

Needless to say, the connection to the Island of Samoa is nonexistent. The name must have sounded exotic to the writers and they used it to gain some interest. Much like Snapple did a few years back with their "Samoa Snapple," a drink concoction having nothing to do with Samoa.

Here is a clip that gives some idea of the plot (or lack thereof) and the type of B Jungle Films made inthe sixties.

Jungle B Film Ingredients:
Restless Natives! 
Foolish White Guys!  
Euro Princess!
Fake fights!
Some guns!
Jungle romance!

It is what it is!

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