Monday, May 27, 2013

A look at Azteca Games

Exotic Aztec flavor adds adventure to game spinning

Always interested in things Azteca, I wondered how video games are influenced by the Aztecs. Not surprisingly, the Aztec Mystique is alive and well for video gaming.  These Aztec games will not be part of the Azteca Theater offerings. However, I hope you find them amusing.   I especially enjoyed the graphics for the first game which reminded me of Tomb Raider and the Aztec background music from the second.

Hunting for lost Azteca treasure is an adventurous theme inspiring a number of video slot  games. Giant temples, sacrificial rites, Aztec Kings, beautiful Aztec women, headdresses, masks and gold treasure add excitement from the Empire of the Aztecs.

People wager real money at casinos on these games in hopes that the Aztec gods will smile fortune upon them. However, no need to wager money to try them. Two of these games can be played for free online.

1. Azteca - The latest Aztec-inspired game
Azteca video game

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
The video slot game Azteca  was introduced last year by Playtech. The look of Azteca reminds me of Lara Croft and Tomb  Raider.  The heroine is a very attractive figure that could just as well  be Angelina Jolie / Lara Croft.

As you can see from the three games listed here, the graphics have been improving, with Azteca being the most recent and most attractive.

This game is not available online in the USA as people are not allowed to play, even for free,  online gambling games that are offered in a casino in the USA. 

Azteca Sun Temple
Azteca gods

2. Aztec Treasures - Five reel video slot game
Aztec Treasures introductory screen
Aztec inspired background music with drums and flutes that makes you want to start dancing adds interest to this game.  The real icons are jewels, portraits and gold.  Like most video slot formats, there are five reels and 20 lines to win.

Each winning spin is rewarded with a little animation from one of the winning squares for a touch of fun and advancement from the traditional mechanical slot machine games.

Play Aztec Treasures online here for free
Play Aztec Treasures online for free, smaller screen

3. Aztec's Treasure - Old School five reel video slot game

Aztec's Treasure Slots,  by Real Time Gaming (RTG), acts much like a traditional slot machine, you can hear the wheels spin and related sound effects  as colorful images whiz by.

Play Aztec's Treasure here for free online

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of Azteca games.
- David Owens

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