Friday, June 4, 2010

Azteca memories

Armida Espinoza remembers visiting the Azteca Theater as a child
"I was born and raised in Fresno and as a child, I remember going to the Azteca Theater almost every weekend. I would spend hours getting lost in the wonderful world of the Mexican cinema with stars such as Cantiflas, Maria FĂ©lix, Pedro Infante and Dolores Del Rio. As I recalled those joyful memories, it saddened me to think that many of today’s children did not have the opportunity to experience the wonders of going to the movies."

She has founded CineAmĂ©ricas,  presenter of Spanish language films on Sundays at the historic Tower Theatre in Fresno, California. The selections  include comedy, drama, action-packed films and when available, Spanish language films with English subtitles.

Keep up the good work, Armida! 

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