Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talented Van Ness Village

 Since 1920, The Van Ness Village  has been a pocket of creativity in Fresno's Tower District. Founded as a commercial district between Home and Floradora Streets to service the State University, it is one of the oldest commercial districts. 
 I haven't met everyone around The Village, but everyone I've met seems to be a creative talent.  Here are just a few of the talents carrying  The Village forward.

David Hull - Deha Music - Mozart a la bass guitar -  700,000 views ...

Patrick Contreras - Purple Haze

 Contreras - Nare -  Cotillion

Nare - Contreras - Amor Distante

Omare Nare - El Rey

KP  - Acting Coach - KP Actors Gym -  developing talents

Joe Osejo - Photographer - Warning Signs-
City Arts Gallery - Joe Osejo

Brandey Steiner - director -The Broken Leg Stage - The Godling

Jasmin La Caris - Dance Studio

Finding Hope Now  - Worthy Fresno movie with some Van Ness talents

David Hull - Deha Music - grooving with us

I hope to see more of the talents of Van Ness Village!

Please point out some more Van Ness Village creatives and if they have a photo or video,  maybe I can add to the list!

- David Owens