Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catching up with Patrick Contreras and his Wicked Games!

The last time I checked in here on Fresno's most popular violinist he was bursting strings at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.  I asked Rob Thomas, a jazz and rocking string player at Boston's Berklee College of Music (From Eugene, Oregon) if he had listened to Patrick and he said, he'd been a fan for a long time, where had I been? Well, I remembered watching all those talented musicians in the Youth Orchestras of Fresno and wondering where all that talent went. A few years went by and suddenly I saw Patrick's name popping up on the Internet.
Most recently Patrick bowed a soulful rendition of The Weeknd's "Wicked Games:" Have a listen and give Patrick some likes.  This one should go viral!

Patrick Contreras "Wicked Games"

I like Patrick's electrified version better than the original. Why? Because as great as the emotionally infused vocals from The Weeknd are -- the bad language in the lyrics takes me from a state of full listener empathy feeling the pain of a love gone away -- to thoughts of 'maybe the gutter-mouth deserved it. '  I know, sometimes there is no better way to express maximum emotion than a couple of F-words.  But it also carries a stigma.  Patrick proves to me that you can convey all the emotion without words. All the pure painful feeling of loss and sadness, without profanity. Go, Patrick!

Classical Rock Multiplied

 I love this "Purple Haze" from atop Irene's Cafe,  for the preview of their CD release in 2009.
(Be patient for 20 seconds while the Two Guys Who Like to Eat Finish the intro)

Electrified acoustic violin with horse hair's flying everywhere! Full rock effects with the additional expression of the violin.
Takes my breath away!

-- David Owens


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