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'Through the Back Door' with Azteca Films

Lobby Card from Por La Puerta Falsa
Take a few minutes and put yourself back in 1950 when films were often B&W and sound was mono. The Azteca Theater had been open a few years and audiences often filled the 700 seats.
Distributed in 1950

Courtesy The Grove Theater, Lindsay, California
In 1950 Azteca Films distributed the film "Por La Puerta Falsa" directed by Fernando de Fuentes was seen around the country in Spanish language theaters including the Azteca Theater in Fresno.

Story:  Bernardo, once a lowly pawn, has mortgaged the estate of former masters, Abigail and her husband Don Santos  and is in love with Adela.  Trouble and tragedy ensue. Set in the early 1900s.

Class Differences

Unfaithful Wife

These lobby cards were used to promote the movie at The Grove in Lindsay, California in 1950.

Basada en la novela "Campo Celis", esta es una leyenda que lleva consigo sangre y odio. Bernardo es un humilde capesion que con honrradez llega a ser dueño del Campo Quiroga, pero la ambición de una mala madre hace que todo alrededor se convierta en un campo de rencor y muerte.
By the Back Door

Por la puerta falsa
Directed by Fernando de Fuentes
Produced by Fernando de Fuentes
Written by Mauricio Magdaleno, Fernando de Fuentes
Starring Pedro Armendáriz, Luis Beristáin, Roberto Cañedo
Music by Raúl Lavista
Cinematography Jorge Stahl Jr.
Editing by José W. Bustos
Release date(s) 16 November 1950
Running time 93 min
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

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