Thursday, June 16, 2011

Azteca Theater as a photographer's model

By David Owens

It always fascinates me when I do an image search on Azteca Theater and see how many different people have made images of the Azteca Theater and it's decorations.

Here are a couple from Thomas Hawk,

Ticket taker Maria in her Tower District Mardi Gras beads and Chinese hat. Nice treatment.

And the very visible tower ... with some texture offered by pigeons, by Thomas Hawk,

I can feel that blazing noon sun in this shot.

Here is a photograph by Elliott Johnson, it has an montage effect!

 I can't tell what is reflection and what is montage, but for sure it is Maria in the ticket booth.

Here's a photograph by Richard George with super-real color:

And a documentary shot of the ticket booth by Mathew E. Cohen

Back when Maria had brown hair, she is a redhead now.
 Patrick George caught Maria with a shaved head back in her experimental days!i=985061620&k=xfWv6&lb=1&s=L

Titled Azteca Theater II
And another form Patrick George titled Azteca Theater III

An old lobby sign in the front of the theater.

Maria in a holiday mood from the owner;

And finally, in 2012, Maria as  redhead from Facebook by David Owens

Here is a night scene from 2011,

 Friday and Saturday nights are particularly active out on F Street.

Seen a cool shot of the Azteca Theater lately? Send us a link and we may add it here!

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