Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cesar Chavez, the Delano-to-Sacramento marchers at the Azteca Theater

A major rallying point for the Delano-to-Sacramento march was Fresno and the Azteca Theater. With Eight days and 100 miles behind them, the marchers from Delano made it to Fresno.
Delano-to-Sacramento marchers. Photo Jon Lewis, March 1966
For six months they had discussed the Plan of Delano and fought to gain collective bargaining rights.
Cesar Chavez spoke to over 1,000 people at the Azteca Theater March 24, 1966.
A small ad in the The Fresno Bee March 23, 1966  invited people to come to see Chavez speak.
Fresno Bee, March 23, 1966

Over 1,000 people showed up to listen and show support, at the rally with Cesar Chavez at the Azteca Theater, many spilling out on to F Street. The headline in the Bee highlights a meeting of Mayor Hyde with marchers. 
Fresno Bee, March 25, 1966

Fresno Bee, March 14, 1966
A photo taken March 24 on F street shows the crowd at the Azteca Theater.
Photo from "The Movement" taken outside the Azteca Theater March 24, 1966

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